An old friend of mine from college recently contacted me looking for a specific photo that was taken in a mutual friend’s dorm room.  It was a rather comical picture actually, but she could not find it.  Well, I went digging through my treasure trove of photos and unfortunately, I didn’t find it (at least not yet, b/c I’m not about to give up you see).  Anywho, I found some gems in there.  Some that made me really crack up, actually.   I had a blast looking at snapshots from my childhood and laughing at my exploits.  If you haven’t tried doing this yet, you should.  In fact, if you have kids, you should sit them down with you so that they can see that mom and dad were actually fun at one point in their lives 🙂  That’s what I plan on doing with my kids anyway.  So, this interesting little photo was taken when I was 11 years old and just back from a day at Catholic school.  Can you see the fancy high tech television behind me?  Check out the super antenna wrapped in aluminum foil for better reception, lol.  Gosh, I’m old.


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