Or should we say winners? 🙂 Well, it was close but I had to call it a tie between Krista Case and Lori Sanchez-Neslony! Congratulations, ladies!! You’ve both won a complimentary portrait session!

Here were the entries they sent in:

Year round, I show my love to my darling daughters in many different ways. Love is not a card or candy. Love is not a teddy bear. Love is something that lasts the test of time. It’s continuing on day after day. It’s choosing to overcome each others weaknesses. To provide true forgiveness for the mistakes we make. It’s building each other up. The way that I show love to my daughters on Valentines day and every other day is the time I spend with them. It’s an investment in their lives. It’s being there for them when they feel like no one else is. Time is one thing you can never get back. It’s the one thing we cherish throughout a lifetime. The fond memories of time spent together. All of the toys and candy will be forgotten, but the nurturing of their hearts will last forever.

Have a blessed day,
Krista Case

We are a young family so in the last couple of years we started to establish our own traditions…things our children would grow up and remember forever! We make heart shaped cookies and decorate them and always write “John 3:16” (from the Bible) on them to help our children remember what true love really means to our family. Then we send our two kids, Haley and Jake, on a scavenger hunt through our house to find their Valentine’s Day Goody Basket. At Dinner, we make a heart shaped pizza, drink red kool-aid, and eat the yummy heart shaped cookies!! We also share homemade crafts and cards with each other. We end our day by watching A Charlie Brown Valentine. It is so much fun and it makes my heart smile watching my kids’ eyes light up and giggle as we enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you! Have a great day!

Lori 🙂

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