Beach Portrait With Character

 I love to change the look of my portraits to add drama and character; especially when it comes to beach portraits.  I recently photographed this couple and their son and this particular shot was one of my favorites from the session.  I’m looking forward to showing them the rest of their images, too!  

It’s Been A While…

since I last posted here. Between attending a two-day seminar by two of the country’s best photographers and volunteering for OpLove, I’ve been swamped. I hope you’ll forgive my long absence. Speaking of OpLove, I thought it was particularly important to post this image. This officer’s identity will remain anonymous because he is one of […]

Welcome Home, Dad!

This beautiful family came in to have their portraits done with (and for) their dad who recently returned from deployment.   These are the faces we don’t see behind the scenes; they are the ones struggling to get through each day without a loved one who is serving our country overseas.  A big thank you […]

We’ve got a great news!

One of our National Charity Model Search contestants cracked into the top 50 finalists!  Hooray!!  You may remember I posted this image a couple of months or so ago.  Anyway, congrats to Alyssa and her family!

Angel In The Clouds

I’m sure you recognize the wings 😉  but, I thought I would place this little doll in the clouds.