A Little Aloha For You

I have always found the spirituality and artistry of the Hawaiian culture to be incredibly inspiring.  So, whenever I have the opportunity to photograph a hula dancer, I jump at it without thinking twice.  This morning, I was blessed to have the opportunity to photograph this talented young lady.  

Black and White Fine Art

I had the pleasure of heading out to Maui recently to do some fine art nature shooting.  While the location I went to was incredibly beautiful (and I shot a TON of wide shots to include everything in the scene) – it was this particular isolated section of the location that caught my eye- specifically, […]

For Ladies: Looking Your Best For Portraits

In my daily travels across the internet, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve the experience my clients have when they work with me.  Because I get a lot of questions about makeup use, I’d like to share with you something I found today.   I ran across an article about eye makeup […]

Hawaii Kai Gopher!

Here’s one of my favorite images from  a recent business portrait session with Adele of Hawaii Kai Gopher.  

Beautiful Sunrise…

What can I say?  Nature is more beautiful than anything humans can possibly conjure up.  What’s tricky about computers and digital photography is that you won’t necessarily see the same color tonality and richness on your monitor that the photographer sees, so with that, I hope you’re able to see the beautiful colors in this […]