Girly girl

Butterflies and pink are her favorite things… Oh, and did I mention she made sure to touch up her lipstick after her portrait session?

A Little Birdie Came To Me

Fantasy is so much more beautiful than reality, wouldn’t you say?  Here is a chubby little 8-month-old baby who came for her portraits this morning.  She quickly flew away…


Growing up, I had a pretty good relationship with my brothers. I was the only girl and they always looked out for me. Even my younger brother protected me like a hawk making sure no one would take advantage of me. I’ll never forget how he nearly kicked some guy’s butt because he didn’t approve […]

I’m A Big Girl Now!

Loved, loved, loved this family.  So young and full of life; they’ve been through a lot with Daddy being deployed for most of this little girl’s young life.  But they are on to new and exciting possibilities now.  Thought I’d share this one with you.