To the moon!

From a recent holiday session. Can you tell I love posting the nontraditional stuff… That’s the Aquarius in me, I guess.

I swear I didn’t do it…

She certainly does look guilty of something, but what?  Actually, she was pretty shy during the entire session.  For only being two years old, this young lady did a pretty good job of keeping it together.

I’m A Big Girl Now!

Loved, loved, loved this family.  So young and full of life; they’ve been through a lot with Daddy being deployed for most of this little girl’s young life.  But they are on to new and exciting possibilities now.  Thought I’d share this one with you.

Daddy’s Girl

This little doll came to us for her three month session today.  She was an absolute delight!  Mom and dad were able to get some great smiles from her and she especially liked it when Daddy got silly for her.