Beautiful Mangos

Our mangos came in surprisingly early this year.  That’s a good thing, but it has been challenging to keep the birds from pecking at them once they start ripening.  I’m hoping this one in particular will survive.  It’s got the brightest red skin of all the mangos on the tree.

May your New Year’s endeavors be fruitful :)

Now begins the time to wipe the holiday sleepies from the corners of our eyes and begin anew with our hopes and dreams for the New Year.  May your year be full of endless possibilities and goals and dreams realized!    

Early Morning at the Beach

I had an early morning session at the beach and afterwards decided to hang around to “play” as most devoted professional photographers tend to do.  For us, playing means shooting more images for personal satisfaction.  It was quite windy, but I did come away with this lovely landscape shot.  Enjoy and have a great weekend! […]