Game Face

I have a ritual of photographing my older son on opening day of baseball with his new uniform and this year was no different.  What did change was that I decided to do something a bit different from the usual sports portrait.  This look was part lighting/in-camera magic and part Photoshop magic and I think […]

Early Morning at the Beach

I had an early morning session at the beach and afterwards decided to hang around to “play” as most devoted professional photographers tend to do.  For us, playing means shooting more images for personal satisfaction.  It was quite windy, but I did come away with this lovely landscape shot.  Enjoy and have a great weekend! […]


Sometimes life gets too serious and we need to inject a little humor in it.  Am I right about this?!?  Well, in the spirit of creating good times and having fun, we decided recently to add another dimension to our studio work.  Lollipop photos.  What the heck is a Lollipop photo you ask?  Well, it’s […]