My favorite gift idea for the holidays has always been children and family portraits at the beach. ¬†It is both a tangible and a sentimental gift that is certain to please even those most discerning auntie and uncle ūüôā  

Beyond The Sea…

Assuming you aren’t living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the recent photos coming back to us from Mars courtesy of NASA’s rover, Curiosity. ¬† As it turns out, the Red Planet isn’t so red after all. ¬†It looks more like a brown desert. ¬†While part of me is amazed at the technology that […]

Morning Magic

What a beautiful way to start the day… ¬†a sunrise portrait session with an awesome family.  

Even kids love UPS

Ok, so this has to be one of the more interesting and unexpected Halloween costumes I’ve encountered this year. ¬†While I love it when that brown truck comes to my door bearing some mysterious goody I ordered, I never once thought for a moment that a kid would want to go dressed as a UPS […]

Bri and Bob

In my line of work, every once in a while I have the fortune of meeting some extremely nice and fun people. ¬†Bri and Bob fit that bill to a “T”. ¬†They came out to Hawaii to see the Pro Bowl as well as to celebrate their recent engagement. ¬†They were thrilled to be able […]