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What Do I Wear?

How you dress for a portrait session depends on the type of portrait session you will be having.

Trends change, but here are a few timeless guidelines which yield the best results:

Family Portraits:   You may think that everyone in your family needs to be wearing the exact same colors and/or outfits, but that simply isn’t the case.  As long as you are staying within the same color palette and tonality, you can definitely spice up your clothing for portraits.    The  2014 Fashion Color Report by  PANTONE®  will steer you in the right direction when selecting what colors you and your family will wear for your portrait session this year. (The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.)

Business Portraits:  Traditional business portraits require traditional business attire, with the guys wearing a jacket, dress shirt, or  sweater.  For the women, a solid colored blouse or a jacket with a minimal amount of jewelry (necklaces are fine).  The most important thing to remember for both men and women is that their clothes  be neatly pressed – wrinkled clothes make a bad impression!  Women should apply a moderate amount of makeup and/or foundation so that skin tones are even and their skin doesn’t look washed out in their final portrait.

Contemporary business portrait wardrobe is typically  more relaxed and shows more of the personality of the subject.  A good rule of thumb across the board is to avoid patterns (i.e. stripes, polka dots, etc.) which will take the focus away from your face.  Solids work best. Oh, and make sure your clothes are neatly pressed.



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