Baby Sings The Blues

My little boy put on an impromptu jam session for me today.  He sang the theme to “Toy Story” while bopping on his Wiggles guitar.  Look out world!

2010 Starts With A Roar

I feel like a broken record, but it has been a long time since my last post.  After you read this, you’ll understand why.   In 2009, I became pregnant with my third child.  While it was quite a surprise for us, it was also a blessing as we never expected it.  I continued photographing […]

A Tender Moment

Black and white images have always evoked a sense of timelessness and tenderness to me.  Simple, yet classic, these images show the emotion of the moment in its purest form.  In this image, there is no denying the love of these parents for their young son.  I don’t know that color would have diminished that […]

Catch me if you can!

Two year olds are FAST.  This is how I get my blood pumping daily.  I chase after my son 🙂  He keeps me young and I can’t imagine how heavy I would be if I didn’t have him to keep me going.