My little friend here was trying to help her toy turtle catch a good wave, but it was tricky as you can imagine, especially since she was trying to outrun the water and not get wet.

I can’t help it…

Here’s another from that session I mentioned earlier. I love this family. They are expecting in the spring and don’t know yet what they are having, but I’m sure that baby will be so well loved…

To the moon!

From a recent holiday session. Can you tell I love posting the nontraditional stuff… That’s the Aquarius in me, I guess.

Christmas In September

Well, it certainly felt like it at any rate. I searched high and low on 6 hard drives (yes, I said 6) for this image. It was taken way back in 2006 from Makapu’u Lighthouse. We hiked up there with my in-laws and as tiring a hike as it was, this view made it all […]

The Ocean

I am so in awe of the ocean. It is a testament to the miracle that is life. Anyway, every once in a while I like to go photograph it and meditate by it. Here’s one of my recent images (taken today as a matter of fact). My kids were hanging out in the car […]